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A more polite but equally comprehensible version of "For fuck's sake". They'll know what you restrained yourself from saying. Can be used in both senses of the original phrase.
1. "Isn't that your girlfriend with Texas Pete over there Superted?"
"For fudge cake! I just bought the heifer a holiday!"

2. "For fudge cake, please refrain from sticking your fingers in the fudge cake."
by conciliation March 07, 2009
verb: East Yorks, England

To report someone to the authority for a michievous or forbidden act.
"Where's Jim?"
"He's in hiding from Sir cos John spragged he set off the fire alarm."
by conciliation March 26, 2009
pronounced "four-be-four"

The type of woman who has four children from four different partners, e.g. Ulrika Jonsson.
Honestly, I wouldn't touch her with yours mate, she's a dirty, rottentroll, 4x4, butterface.
by conciliation March 09, 2009

1. Meadowhall shopping centre, Sheffield, England. So-called for its advertising as "the land of shoppertunity".
2. The end of the world through rampant and pervasive consumerism
3. The point of exhaustion reached at the end of an excessive shopping spree where you simply cannot continue.
1. "The shopocalypse can be found at Junction 32 of the M1."
2. "If we carry on like this as a species we are heading for the shopocalypse."
3. "Can we go home, for the love of God? I've reached the shopocalypse."
by conciliation March 27, 2009
The perennial pile of laundry in transit, comprising clean (not put away), hanging and drying, still in the washing machine, laundry hamper and overflow and on the floor.
"That permalaundry best be dealt wi' by my return else you for the high jump, fuzzball!."
by conciliation March 07, 2009

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