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A place to chill or have a party.
"Ey yo malone da pawtys atcho spot tonight nigga."
by Sweat November 30, 2004
Method of smoking pot using two hot knives from the stove and small amount of rolled up ganja. Most effective and cheapest way to smike da 'erb
Who's up for spots? Those 3 spots knocked me on my ass
by tim April 23, 2003
(australasian slang) using two knives heated (usually on the elements on the kitchen stove) to flash-burn a small rolled up ball of marijuana marijuana bud. for the purpose of smoking, obviously. high wasted

also known as a knife hit knife hit
"michelle drove the spot for me and i got wasted. alright!"
by jim4556 February 26, 2006
Used by most underage drinkers when looking for the party in their local area. Also used when responding to an event that was not in their best interest.
Brosky where the spot at tonight?

Idk dude I hear jonesy is havin a party but that aint the spot.

Fuck dude i just broke my arm when i was tryin to bust out that backflip on my dirtbike.

Damn dude thats not the spot!
by gettinitwet24/7 June 25, 2010
A place of residence. Non-discriminatory of apartments, trailers, houses, condos, hotel rooms, etc.
"Where were you last night?"
"Danielle's spot."
by Zach T. November 27, 2005
The place where everyone wants to go at night. The place where the party is hoppin' and ruit is the center of attention. Sometimes the spots are small and exclusive but other times they are huge and open.
Homie 1: Yo son, where's the spot tonight?
Homie 2: I don't know yet chief, but I heard we might go to Sarah's for the night with the homies.
by Mikey p the kingpin February 23, 2009
Smoking dope in the best way possible

1 Roll the buds up into little balls
2 heat up some knives and burn them between each other

3 Then the person receiving the smoke will put a half bottle    over the smoke and suck hard

More smoke less waste
Experienced smoker one: Bro i got a joint come have a session with me
Experienced smoker two: Screw that, come have a few spots
Experienced smoker one: COUGH COUGH
by Day and Night Tripper June 30, 2009