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Officially a blocked pore that gets all inflamed and sometimes has a white top on it. In reality something you get everytime you need to look your best. You never get spots in concealed places - they are always on your nose or chin or on a sticky-out bit. Americans call them "zits" and I hope against hope this has nothing to do with the noise they make when you pop them.
Wet Lindsay had a huge spot on her nose that looked like a second nose.
by mooogan December 20, 2004
A wonderful, magical invisible octopus that is orange with purple spots. Flanders are often eaten by goats and turned into invisible goat turds which are strewn all over sidewalks. They are also the targets of multiple sad attempts at songwriting by deranged peoples that have nothing better to do with their lives YAY!
If I had a Flanders, I'd hug it and squeeze it and love it and name it George.

Damn, those Flanders sure are tight!
by mooogan August 30, 2004

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