A zit. Usually one with a white head. Ick.
"There are two terrible things that could happen to a band. One is the singer could get sick, and two... the singer could get a gigantic spot on their cheek and look terrible"
by SiLLyMooSer September 18, 2005
When you are driving in a car and see a yellow vehicle that is not a construction vehicle, nor a schoolbus.
by xdanilovesyou May 04, 2011
An area of color, texture or wetness that stands out on a larger area.
A stain on a shirt; a mark of darker color on cow; a wet splotch of mess that has soaked through a dry medium.

ie. Did you see the SPOT on her pants? Oh yes, one should never wear white pants if they have a tendency to SPOT in them.
by Offendedbyspots May 04, 2010
Its a sweet acronym for "short period of time."
Son of Grill: Ey Bra, i'ma go find some chewy and hopefully some new lips to chew off. I'll just be a spot.
Party Boy: Wooohooo, Party Boooooi!
by Simon Bond August 13, 2008
Place where people go to consume godly beverages in the early hours of the day. Sko-Spot.
by Beaned Gee September 08, 2009
the place where you live.
I really like my spot for next year -- it's not in the sticks and I'll be right next to the scene downtown.
by Anonymous November 22, 2002
n; "the spot"
A place to hang out, a cool place.
n; "a spot"
A stain.
n; "spot"
A game that teenagers play, usually in highschool. When a yellow car, truck, van, or bus drives by one must yell spot & gets to punch another. No calls on the same vehicle. (dont fucking tell me this is wrong because it's a huge game at my school)
1. Dude, theres this fuckin amazing spot down the road where everyone's at!
2. Aw, man, I'm definately not getting this spot out of my new shirt...
3. SPOT! Haha, can't believe you didnt see that piss yellow truck!
by alyssaaaaa!!! October 21, 2007

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