To launch
Johnny: What is that apparatus with which you are sporking feces at the bus boy?

Billy: That's my chack-twackler.

Johnny: What's a chack-twackler?

Billy: A penis.

Johnny: Oh.
by Wyatt Edwards September 11, 2009
To put your finger near someones cheek when there looking in the other direction so that when they turn there head back towards you they get poked in the face.
I sporked you
you got sporked
To spork someone
by mid89uk May 03, 2009
Someone that makes a false SPAM complaint to their email provider or ISP. A contraction of "SPAM" and "dork." Can also be used as a verb.
Don't be a SPORK, use the delete email button, not the "report spam" button.
by Leeroy B January 07, 2009
n. a combined spoon & fork.
Can you please pass me the spork?
by karroll November 06, 2008
A spork combines a fork and a spoon, sacrificing the functionality of both
I tried to use a spork to eat, but it just wouldn't work.
by Goldling August 26, 2006
A spoon and a fork. Makes for a fun weapon
Ow... The spork hit my eye...
by Andro February 09, 2004
(1) To kill in the most inhumane way
(2) Only the best thing ever created this side of heaven
(1) Some night around now, I'm going to spork Jacob.
(2) Don't break my spork, I haven't eaten with it yet!
by Valerie Adams November 06, 2003
the greatest eating utenisil known to man
you can eat soup and steak with a spork. W00T
by Madchal July 18, 2003

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