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1) one or more spork.
2)weapon of mass distruction used in the middle east.
3)warning beakon to aliens (primarily named abokido)
1) i have 453 sporks.
2) no, we have not found the sporks in afghanistan yet.
3) look abokido, they have giant sporks, they're ok by me!
4) oh almighty sporks, tell me what to do.
5) take these sporks in your eyes!!!
by wild_wolf_cub November 08, 2003
One of the knights of the octagon table. Sir Spam the Spam Pirate is captain of her ship, the Spam Bucket, and has a quite un-spammy crew. Weilds the spam sword. Has an albino Ferret named Raxoth.
First Mate Harry: arr, sir spam, i be spottin land a-ho!

Sir spam: there be spam at this port?

First Mate Harry: *sighs heavily* aye, cap'n.
by wild_wolf_cub February 16, 2004
A Pirate completely obsessed with Spam. Currently only one spam pirate is known in the 7 seas.
ahoy thar! I be lookin for da Spam Pirate, she be guaranteein me safe passage on er *stabbed in face with sword*
by wild_wolf_cub February 16, 2004
Trusty sword weilded by the spam pirate known as sir spam
man: i-its the spam sword! run!!

sir spam: *faints onto ground and doesnt move for a full 3 hours*
by wild_wolf_cub February 16, 2004
Pirate ship captained by Sir Spam
pirate #1: thats the dreaded spam bucket!

pirate #2: quick! get out ze spam to give to the cap'n!
by wild_wolf_cub February 16, 2004
someone from another country that has formed an army for the soul purpose to destroy the regs in the chat room that you chat in.
the WALLOONS are attacking Fort Reg again!
by wild_wolf_cub October 14, 2003

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