To launch
Johnny: What is that apparatus with which you are sporking feces at the bus boy?

Billy: That's my chack-twackler.

Johnny: What's a chack-twackler?

Billy: A penis.

Johnny: Oh.
by Wyatt Edwards September 11, 2009
To "fork" whilst you spoon
We were just spooning, then things happened and we ended up sporking.
by Mr. Father-guy April 19, 2011
to spoon and to fork at the same time
If spoon is to cuddle and fork is to #*^%, than spork is the two combined,
by Mr.Spiral April 08, 2011
To spoon with someone when you have a raging boner

The art of spooing with someone when your boner is digging into their back.
That girl is such a tease. All we did was spork last night.

This guy slept over last night, we sporked, and now I my back is all messed up.
by ab4224 December 02, 2010
Spotted Pork
Beyond Spam, there's the madness of the meat-like product that is Spork.
by Samuel Griffon September 18, 2010
The act of advanced spooning

It is what cuddling can lead to right before intercourse. It involves touching of private areas and kissing.

Similar to making out but is much more intense
He was trying hard to have sex with me but i just wanted to spork.

Forget the spoon I wanna spork!
by DoubleDunk April 07, 2009
An ancient deadly weapon
Fuck he's got a spork!
by WaNkMaStA tEaPoT + Co. July 08, 2005
When you cuddle with a person and then fuck them, so you fuck while cuddling.
Dude me and my girlfriend totally sporked last night.
by Babiigirlhere July 05, 2011
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