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jizz, cum, sperm
when my girl gave me head i spooged all in her mouth.
by Anonymous June 20, 2003

1.Spoog- A musical artist (band, rapper, etc) that is no longer popular.

2.Used to describe a person that is not popular among his peers or the community.
"Lil Wayne is such a spoog"

"Billy just kicked a puppy!He is a total spoog"
by Honest Dave February 10, 2009
spooge, doesnt mean anything, made up by phsycho dancer man from bunbury.
hi my names adam, and i have been acticded to spooge for a few years now; spooge, it doesnt taste like anything; id love to spooge u;
by lozzatron April 24, 2005
when a girl has her period
"O man, my women just spooged on me"
by Robb May 21, 2003