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n. goopy or viscous substance similar in texture to cum

v. to cause a goopy substance to end up on an item or person
I woke up this morning in a puddle of spooge.

What is this spooge on my dinner?

Damn! Don't spooge my new shoes!

What's that spoogy shit on your shirt?
by Chick December 11, 2003
Basically another word for Sexy.
That guy is well shexi
by Chick December 15, 2004
Solid with a twist.
1. You're cool with something.
2. A way of complimenting someone.
3. Neither gaz nor liquide.
"Want to hit the bars later?"

"I love your ass. It's solide."
by Chick September 02, 2004
When your pants have a hole in them right in the ass, thus showing your asshole.
"Hey, you have a pantasshole showing."
"Don't bend over too far, or you'll get a pantasshole."
by Chick December 10, 2004
Sexual activities that involve a person you don't know and probably won't see again.
"I'm going to the bar tonight to find me some random action."

"I had some fabulous random action last night."
by Chick September 02, 2004
A a boys wit a little dick
His twiggleberrie was no on point.
by Chick November 10, 2004
The plural form of "penis".
The strippers all had nice penii.
by Chick September 02, 2004

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