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To drink large quantities of Captain Morgan's Rum, usually with a group, and hopefully to the point of oblivion.
That girl I hooked up with was so fugly that I had to go sailing with the captain before I could bang her.
by Robb December 24, 2003
when a dude sticks his tongue up a pussy
"i gave mary the best tongue job last nite"
by Robb May 24, 2003
really, really drunk
I can't drive right now because I drank twelve beers and I'm shithoused.
by RobB December 01, 2002
The zenith of stupid bullshit phrases us asshole teens use. The term "Bomb Diggady" is used to describe something of absolute awesome and/or coolness.
"Damn, turkey subs are the bomb diggady."
by Robb May 11, 2004
errrr well me and my mate say it when we are pissed or walking along the street.
Shmon man!
Shmon u idiot

Your such a shmon

Shmon die plz
by robb August 04, 2004
To snowboard on something other than snow... logs, grass... etc.
"We jibbed the woods today"
by Robb May 29, 2003
to whipe out, see "tanked"
"Wow, Cody really cases the tabletop!"
by Robb May 28, 2003

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