A show that used to be funny, the new episodes sucks. The orginal Director left, and the new ones made spongebob look stupid and all this other stuff. WHERE ARE YOU STEPHEN HILLENBURG???
Person 1: Hey, did you see spongebob last night?

Person 2: Nah, the new ones suck.
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A woman with a super nice ass. A ass that is packed into some jeans like spongebob Is packed into his outfit.
DAMN baby got that (SpongeBob) fat ass.
by AntDog February 13, 2015
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One of the Gayest cartoons in Nicklelodian, wait what am i saying? All the shit on Nickleloadian is gay. But Spongebob is a Cartoon that only Stupid American kids watch, if they were any smarter they would have known that Japanese Anime is much better that the badly drawn not so funny American Cartoons they watch. Also they tend to use XD just as much as some Anime fans do, both are actually kinda annoying.
Stupid Kid 1: "hey every 1 spongebob is on!!!"
Stupid kid 2: "alriht spongebob is so funny, it the best carton ever!"

Me:"Shut the fuck up, go watch some real shit called Anime you Dumbass. Also, learn to spell while you are at it. Better yet, turn off your TV, go get a life.

Stupid kid 1 & 2: "Lol your funny" *Glomps* LOL XDDDDDDXDXDXD"

Me: "You make me ashame to be of the same spieces, no go hang yourself both of you. Need a rope?"
by AnonymousUserFlame January 28, 2005
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the guy across the street at band practice that is always complaining about our music
Look here comes spongebob!
by dsgd December 11, 2003
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2 definitions that i know of:

#1: My personal favorite, a new type of jerking brought on by crank dat spongebob dance

#2: A sponge, that lives under the sea. Friends with a fish...a starfish
#1: Man u see those jerks listenin to that new song tippin' on my dick by the Rangers. They hella got that spongebob down man.

#2: Dude spongebob is funny as hell man
by TheKELLOGboyzzz October 16, 2009
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Yesterday this girl name Shaniqua gave me that sponge bob
by big daddy v August 01, 2007
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a cartoon character whose best friends name is patrick. also a delicious ice cream treat that is completely addictive.
carey: "what are you eating??"

tracee: "a spongebob icecream bar."

carey: "can i have a bite??"

tracee: "k."

carey: *takes bite and takes off running to nearest gas station to get her own icecream bar*
by OHnoYOUdidnt!!! July 01, 2009
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