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1) a healthy anus
2) asshole that is safe to fuck; will not put you at risk for poop-cock
I strained on the can, but my pink starfish merely winked at the mirrored pool below
by RotNWang December 01, 2003
113 27
1. an asshole
2. Patrick, a character from the show Spongebob Squarepants that lives in Bikini Bottom and wears green and blue swim trunks on a regular basis. (Highly suspect connection to definition number one... maybe a joke being played on parents who let their kids watch this show?)
Patrick is a pink starfish.
by Boonopolis April 25, 2005
60 37
opposite of brown starfish
We spent the day combing the beach, looking for pink starfish to stab.
by RotNWang December 03, 2003
33 25