The Jesus of the 21 century. But more commercial... and gay.
Child: Hey! Jesus is at the movie theater this month! We must go worship!
by God February 18, 2005
A freakish form of sponge which has gained the ability of speech. Most of his viewers are idiots (Like him) and should go stab themselves as soon as they can. He pales in comparison to Invader Zim, and I will take it upon myself to kill spongebob's entire artist team so he can never be drawn again.
Once I went home and saw that Nickelodion canceled Invader Zim and made spongebob its Poster boy. I then cut my wrists open and watched Adult Swim.
by RagMeRock December 03, 2004
a homosexual cartoon character
scungebob fudgenuts is teh big homo
damn thoose people who think spongebob is funny!
Spongebob is a lame sponge who acts homo. The worst gift I
ever got was a pack of spongebob DVD's.
I guess its for lamo's who like stupid humor.
Also a word for people who act like retards to be "cool"

#1 look spongebobs kissing patrick like the lame homo he is.
#2 hey here comes spongebob. What a dork!
by huskiefan August 04, 2006
A Small underwater creature who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Is known to sexually molester snails, especially his pet snail, Gary. Often engages in the act of anal sex with his male friend Patrick Star, who is a starfish with a fuckin' IQ of 12. Overall, he is a homosexual sponge who is too fucked up for most of us heterosexuals to comprehend. Is also a TV Star and has his own movie.
Whoa! I never knew there was a 'Spongebob Takes It' gay porn movie! Thats disgusting!
by OG Loc January 11, 2005
SPONGEBOB IS GAY!!!! Yes, GAY! The creaters of Spongebob Squarepants where 2 homosexual guys! HE'S GAY! Sorry to bust your bubble's little kids, but patrick, and spongebob, are homosexual lovers!
Spongebob is.......GAY! Uh oh, NO WAY!

Indeed, he'!
by Big Rog. February 05, 2005
according to the chruch: Spongebob is gay. what the fuck took them so long. he has the gayist voice, and everything that the show does he gay. now im no homophobe but the church took a long time to say that spongebob is a gay. Im jewish and even I know that spongebob is gay.

u know what?? spongebob is the antichrist.
spongebob is the antichrist and theres nothing we can do about it.
by Bearded Abe March 01, 2005

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