A city that californians love to live in for a year thinking it's great until they realize where is all the fake people, where is the crap consumerism. Why the hell is this not california. They then decide to move back to california. In all honesty spokane is not super exciting we are actually very moderate when it comes to politics very rarely do you get bible thumpers or extremist hippies. We like to shoot down the middle of the road. We went 50.1 percent or something like that in favor of obama so you can tell like I said down the road.
Oh and did I mention like to move here and then complain about it
Californian: God I love spokane!

Time:1 Year

Californian: God get me the hell out of here where is my coat, great someone shit on the coats
by Kevinj152 December 15, 2008
The home of Meth and Underage Sodomy.
i walk downtown and people ask me if i want to buy meth..
by J March 29, 2004
The second largest city in Washington, unremarkable in almost every respect. Hoopsfest, Bloomsday, and Riverfront Park are sad substitutes for the attractions of a real destination city. Spokane doesn't actually have anything special going for it in the outdoor sports arena either. Residents who insist this is so probably have never actually lived in an area with real outdoor opportunities. The local skiing is nothing to brag about and million dollar homes ring every lake in the area with private property and almost every patch of woods nearby posting "No Trespassing" signs makes Spokane a poor place for an outdoorsman. Spokane does have the trappings of larger cities. Drug crime, corrupt/incompetent police, a hostile immigrant population, and horredous traffic (due to civil engineering not having reached the city yet). Spokane residents usually are upper middle class who mistake themselves for wealthy, tatoo'd imbeciles trying to affect the air of an LA gangbanger, or filthy and smelly white people with dreadlocks that can be smelled from a 1/4 mile.
I'm going to Spokane; it beats hell, but not by much.
by Danmoo July 18, 2011
Spokane is where I am from, my home. Many people like to call it Spokompton, I think that Spokanphetamine would be just as appropriate as it is commonly called the meth capital.

Spokane is actually two cities, Spokane and Spokane Valley. But it uses one bus system as they are attached anyways.

We get a lot of gangstas who come up from California. Crips, Bloods, Surenos, Nortanos, Hells Angels, 18th Street, they're all here. Thing is our newspaper, the Spokesman Review lists the crimes that they commit as anonymous, when they do list them, everything is hush hush here. Must be to keep the gangs from gaining even more notoriety. IDK.

There are really a lot of homeless people here, and the population is majority conservative.

Then there are the different sections of town, the South Hill is where the better off financially live, downtown has many pawnshops and Riverfront Park, Northtown has head shops, a big mall, and lots of tweakers, the East Valley is the same, it also has head shops, a mall and lots of tweakers.

The best thing about Spokane is the forest area that it is in and the mild weather, not too hot during the summer and not too cold during winter.

Oh, and Bloomsday and Hoopfest make the downtown mad busy. Good for getting into fights.

*Walking downtown in Spokane*

Homeless Man: Do you have a dollar?

Me: If I did would I be walking?

Homeless Man: Do you have beer?
by Frosty tha Dopeman May 19, 2008
I was born here. And for all you other people with your definitions on how bad this place is.. go slob on a knob. cheese and rice. ha. Spokane has amazing weather. awesome festivities. Nice people. Dick's hamburgers. ZIPS. Great malls. The gondolas. Gnar river. Those cool vines that crawl up the walls along the freeway. silverwood is a hop skip and a jump away. River Front Park! I mean come on people! sure they have a meth problem and every other drug problem but what city doesnt have a few crackheads running around...or hundreds. The tiny hick towns in MT. and WY. and all the other states with low pop. but guess what i'm sure they're some tweakers even there. So grow a pair, and enjoy spokansas for what it really is!
Dude #1: What are you doing this weekend?
Dude#2: I'm going to spokane to do all sorts of wicked cool things, not complain about the drug problem, and get on with my life!
by Bananabear April 26, 2010
A decent sized city in Eastern Washington that has fun events every once in a while, such as Bloomsday and Hoopfest. The general population is quite liberal and the people keep to themselves. Every now and then they will have fun stuff going on downtown, typically during holidays. It's best to visit Spokane only for these events, not to explore the area. People generally leave with negative views of Spokane after experiencing the masses of aggressive, mentally ill and homeless people wandering the area.
A homeless woman was sleeping next to my car when I returned to the Parkade after shopping at the mall. Spokane is pretty weird.
by Liam29 August 15, 2011
Spokane is a city in eastern Washington with just over 200,000 citizens. The weather is nice and sunny in the summer, nice in cool in the winter, and we have one of the cleanest aquafiers in the world. Spokane may sound like a nice place, but there are parts of town that you should not even consider driving through, such as Hillyard, where you can't walk one city block without seeing a 12 year old buying meth from a school teacher. There are other parts of town, such as the south hill, where every prisy rich bitch buys their morning Starbucks before heading for the gym. In gerneral, Spokane is like any other american city.
Screw Spokane, go live in Seattle.
by Dewit April 09, 2009
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