The northwest's answer to Savannah, GA, except way lamer. Really boring, not worth visiting or living in unless you've got a completely boring personality and completely lack individuality. Full of hicks who think they aren't hicks because they don't have a southern accent. 50% of the teenage/young adult population consists of white people who act like black people, and since there aren't any black people to put these white people in their place, they continue to act like complete fucktards until they decide to put on suits and work or fall into the path of cocaine and meth. A large margin of Spokane consists of pot smokers, both teens and adults, and these are the coolest people you will find here. The rest will call the cops on you for lighting a match in the middle of the street(I've been threatened before for doing this.) Gets occasional good concerts and is pretty safe despite its trashy appearance. Rich people are under the impression that its a nice city, but that's because they never leave their little bubble of ignorance known as the upper-middle class. A lot of people love to refer to the city as spokompton or spocompton to make up for the fact that they're all a bunch of idiots. Sometimes known as the meth capital of the world, which is simply because there's really nothing better to do around here. Infamous for rape, along with lots of prostitution on Sprague Avenue.

Aside from all of that, the weed is pretty good here, and its what keeps the non-oblivious population of spokane going.

1. Spokane wouldn't have a meth problem if it just had a fucking amusement park instead of some bullshit red wagon and a merry go round.

2. If you want to live in a happy little bubble of retardation and ignore bad people like negroes, hippies, and liberals, Spokane is the place for you!

3. I'm just a really bitter person.
by getmeoutoftheNW February 12, 2006
I grew up in Spokane, and I'm proud of it. Sure, there are pot heads, meth addicts, and all sort of other druggies. We also have white people, black people, Indians, breast cancer survivors, old people, babies, young people, adults, teenagers, gays, lesbians, straight people, Buddhists, atheists, Catholics, Christians, and every other type of person. JUST LIKE EVERY BIG CITY! Quit talking trash about the city which I love. There are beautiful aspects if you would look past all the little problems. There are many places to ski within 2 hours of the city, and you don't have to go far to find good places to hike. There are bike trails, and a river to go kayaking in. Many good bands come through here, we have many good local radio stations. People from outside of Spokane often come to Spokane to go shopping because we have excellent malls. Although there are some problems with the city, Spokane has an incredible youth outreach program, and offers amazing opportunities. We once held the World's fair. North Central Highschool was one of the top 100 highschools in America a few years back. All in all, Spokane offers many opportunities, it's just full of idiots who apparently don't know how to except opportunities. As for the meth problem, why doesn't anyone whining about it go do something, instead of complaining about how no one else does?
Person one: my friend is from Spokane, she has such an awesome school, and she's always going and having fun!
Person two: she has fun doing drugs, haha of course she has fun!
Person one: no... she has fun hiking, biking, kayaking, shopping, and making a difference. She's always busy!
Person two: haha no way!
Person one: Spokane is not as bad as everyone thinks, it's actually pretty cute!
by jklfsdkjlsfdjlk June 05, 2011
Often confused as the second largest city in the state of Washington. See Tacoma
Rob was raised in Spokane but born in Tacoma; two cities that struggle for rank, neither winners. This explains his identity crisis.
by Layne_Staley September 11, 2004
A conservative medium sized city in Eastern Washington. Often times known as the Gateway to the Rockies, or better yet the Capitol of the Inland Empire. The only thing you should know about it though is that it is the 3rd largest city in Washington state, Tacoma is second!
I went to Spokane the other day and I was disappointed to discover that it is not as big as Tacoma.
by Frank May 05, 2005
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