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being in a situation, especially one of a social nature, that is difficult and seemingly impossible to get out of.
Holly: "Damn, this party is lame. I so wanna leave here like right now, but I don't wanna be rude to Kristin either, she's still a great friend. Ugghhhh.... I just KNEW we should have planned an exit strategy, huh?"

Jenn: "For sure, especially since the bash that Terri's having would be WAY more off the chimney no doubt. It sure sucks to be land-locked like this!"
by Holly August 14, 2006
Being unable to move for fear of someone seeing your erection
Hey Randy, want to go get some cheeseburgers?

I'm pretty land-locked right now, give me about 5 minutes.
by Melvin the Window Licker March 08, 2014
Making a poo so large that it heaps up out of the water in a mound on the bottom of toilet bowl causing difficulty in flushing and "racing stripes" on the porcelain.
After eating at the Mexican place last night i got totally landlocked this morning, so much i had to use a plunger to unclog!
by deacon4100 October 21, 2010

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