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The Washington area code that encompasses the ENTIRE East side of the state. Notably, Spokane. Although it covers a comically large area which points out the lack of actual people, it straws its pride and strength from not being as fractured as 360.
A: Hey, what's your number?
B: 509-xxx-xxxx.
A: Man, you must be from Spokane or the Tri-Cities, right?
B: No, I'm from Clarkston.
A: What? Isn't that in Idaho or something?
#253 #360 #425 #206 #spokane #washington #eastern washington
by stranded in the desert March 05, 2010
1. The fans of Washington State University, also known as Cougs.

2. The region of Southeast Washington with area code 509, better known as the "Palouse." Characterized by rolling hills and wheatfields.
1. Sean doesn't leave the game early, 'cause he's a member of 509.

2. This view ain't nothin' compared to the 509.
#cougs #palouse #wsu #pullman #fans
by trucoug509 February 05, 2010
The area code in Spokane, Washington, USA - commonly used to refer to the gangs therein.
"I roll with the 509s"
#509 #five-oh-nine #five o nine #spokane #gangs
by katrinemar December 20, 2008
Universal term for badassness. Pretty much can be applied to mean the most kickass partyrocking aspect of anything imaginable.
Mike's fantasy football team is gonna 509 all over the whole damn league this year.
#509 #badass #kickass #party rock #best
by mebcook August 10, 2011
a tight group of hard ass motherfuckers that are the envy of everyone.
i wish i could be like 509 in barcelona
by Mr. Pimptastic November 23, 2004
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