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Spokompton, AKA Spokane is a stagnant rotting settlement in eastern Washington State near the Idaho border not totally but largely populated by losers of various sorts. Any talented local youth wastes no time escaping Spokompton shortly after high school. Spokompton is so far removed from cosmopolitan Seattle that it more appropriately belongs in nearby Idaho.....or maybe West Virginia.

This depressing run-down armpit excuse of a "city" can only be endured in doses of not much more than three consecutive days before one feels compelled to tear his eyes from their sockets and push needles into his ears while chewing aluminum foil. For those not stoners or meth-heads, there is little to do in this ghetto but watch losers pass by on their way to the convenience store for another couple of 40s.

The fairly pleasant summer weather gives way to a dreary fall followed by a dark and nasty winter where cars driving with chains on salted roads create parallel canyons in each lane revealed only by the spring snow melt that leaves behind shoe ruining slop should you have to walk in it.

Spokompton a town that people generally leave - not move to unless coerced by powers beyond their control.
This town is so messed up it reminds me of Spokompton.

There are more losers in this town than Spokompton.
by Smack Baby August 16, 2011
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Largest city on the east side of Washington state, formally known as "Spokane." This stagnant city refuses to grow up, as can be immediately seen by surveying its "downtown", the city's overall continuing lack of progress and its inhabitants, be they mullet bearing white trash, their counterpart wiggers from around the way or the "Coog" fans from the nearby "city" of Pullman, where the nearest state college was wisely located in the middle of grain fields, nowhere near the "City" of Spokane.
I recently had to spend a week in Spokompton, by the third day I thought I was going to slit my throat. I haven't had to go back there for years, amazingly - nothing has changed. Still nothing to do - I got some burgers from Dicks, I saw a Coog fan get into a fight with a wigger, and then got challenged to a street race by some dude in a mullet driving an Iroc Z28. I've set my new time limit in Loserville at 3 days maximum.
by sonnys November 04, 2006
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a terminology used by grandiose-stoned 20somethings in the fair city of spokane washington used as a device to euphemize themselves into believing that they have what it takes to survive for 10 minutes in the heat of a REAL ghetto, thanks to some quasi-white trash denizen who happen to comprise most of the town, however i think that it's really the herb talking here: these kids think that they're some real fuckin hood like whats they know about a highrise project and the art of coppin blows and screamin ay0 from it while the cops are already outside?!
"y0 poor, outsda way, i'z from da spokompton y000 i aint play like that, nickuh!!"
by sinicalypse March 02, 2006
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