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An emote on some LPMuds indicating raising one eyebrow ala Spock. Vaguely has the meaning "Is that so?" Used in online chat context to indicate disbelief or surprise.
Doug: beat your kill streak record in COD4 the other day
Trent: *spock*
Doug: no really, it was like 7 right?
Trent: try 17
Doug: ...well, I got close... heh
by TsuQ May 04, 2008
26 34
One logical, badass mutha fucka. Capable of the Vulcan Nerve Pinch.
Spock: Live long and prosper bitch.
by trekkiegirl18 May 18, 2009
459 97
A way of referring to a highly intelligent and calm person. Usually a compliment.
"Wow, that guy is a real Spock, I thought he'd never be able to finish that code in time."
by Athene Airheart March 14, 2004
367 111
The hottest vulcan on the planet. First mate on the U.S.S. Enterprise. The way his ears and eyebrows are pointed turn on many women. Also his hair cut and insane wit is very attractive to many women.
Spock is also Jewish.
"Omg! Spock!"
by LaxPlayingNinja May 24, 2009
296 92
A wack nigga with mad flava. And ears like a tropical elf.
I got a glock, wit my man Spock...
by Commitment Elvis February 11, 2009
233 122
A vulcan who is half human. He is super logical and that turns some people on like the girl on the planet with all those drugs. He is bffs with Kirk. He always says facinating and illogical
"facinating" says spock after something cool hppens.
"Illogical" he says that allot too
by werty709 May 21, 2009
158 58
to try to bring logic to a situation where logic is impossible
don't try to go all Spock on us
by lorifrances February 11, 2011
41 17
Socks with Pee in them, usually occures after a case of punderware
1st I got punderware, and after it ran down my leg I developed spocks
by Tim B January 09, 2004
7 4