A female who pretends to be interested in competitive sports only to seem more appealing to men. Notorious for completely bringing the entire vibe any particular sporting event down with their questions and/or needless and ignorant remarks.


Spluts will most often be seen wearing nothing but jerseys.
That splut may not know what a TE is, but that jersey-dress does a great job of outlining hers. NOW IF SHE COULD ONLY SHUT THE HELL UP!
by w0rdchef August 04, 2011
Top Definition
The sound effect of a pie being thrown or shoved in someones face. (as in those God-awful Garfield comics)
Mary: Jen, I baked you a coconut cream pie.
Jen: Oh thank you!
Mary: Here, try some! *splut*
Jen: *displays middle finger*
by Boner Bentley April 30, 2008
An extreme version of a slut.
Guy1: wow, I heard that girl slept with the whole football team
Guy2: what a splut!
by Ferris buller May 05, 2009
The female equivalent to a male fap, indicating the noise made during the process.
Oooh, Brad Pitt!
*splut splut splut*
by engagequadlaser May 15, 2006
The sound of a male ejaculating, or the act of ejaculating.
"Christos made a rather loud splut as he reached his orgasm."
by Damon B November 28, 2005
1. When you fall on someone. Usually from a distance. Not to be confused with "going splat"

2. The noise made by an object falling into your slushie.
"Keith fell off the balcony and landed on Malcom with a splut"

"What did you put in there!? Don't lie! Don't lie! I heard it go 'splut'!"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
spasticated slut
like "look at that slup man"
ya mum iz a bloody splut man
by bob115 November 15, 2007
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