Top Definition
a college slut who only gets it on with fratastic guys. generally wears designer jeans, silky tank tops, and stiletto heels.
Do her sorority sisters know how many guys that slup hooked up with at the Delt house?
by jpatt February 09, 2005
herpes infested vaginal secretion
Ayo, nigga. Look at dat bitch. She lookin like she got mad slup cummin out.
#herpes #slut #pussy #whore #secretion.
by one1uve April 28, 2009
a person who enjoys to camp in the eaglesham fields of scotland
ted:man im bored.

nicola:camping any one?

ted:fuck yeah!

nicola:man im a slup!
#camping #bored #hell #scotland #person
by astercast June 28, 2009
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