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German for "hail"

Sometimes used to express the opinion that someone's a fasist/nazi usually combined with the traditonal Nazi-era salute (raising one's right arm at a straight diagonal infront of them}
Heil Principle! Heil!
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
when one falls and lands alone- usually on pavement or concrete.
"Did you hear about the office worker who commited suicide friday? Yeh,,he just it the ground like splat!"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004

used to draw attention to an object, word or sentance, usually said by yourself.

Commenly assosiated with urban-slang. Though can be used by anyone who lives near or in a state that has a city that people five(min) states away have heard of.
Overdoing it makes you a candyass.
Yo responsably.

"Yo man, you down?"

by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
1. used to smother in the shame by skillful implementing of irony when someone messes up.
Or- You be a sarcastic asshat and dig it in when one of your buddies fucks up.

2. A guy who think's he's cool, but usually isn't, and might be more cool if he didn't try to be.
our buddy's walking down stairs with a pizza, and it slips out of his hands and falls; cheese down; onto the floor.

Your response: "Smooth move, slick!"


"Hey slick! You get rejected AGAIN? Ha"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004
1. When you fall on someone. Usually from a distance. Not to be confused with "going splat"

2. The noise made by an object falling into your slushie.
"Keith fell off the balcony and landed on Malcom with a splut"

"What did you put in there!? Don't lie! Don't lie! I heard it go 'splut'!"
by JesterMonkey June 01, 2004

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