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an older person dressing or trying to act young
JoJo's mom is kinda splinky with the navel ring and the mini and always sayin' "Peace Out"
by clouseau November 12, 2004
adjective. Happy, bouncy, cool, neat, fun! ...YAY! =)
Toe-socks are extremely splinky! Especially striped ones.
#happy #bouncy #cool #neat #fun
by Michele Morris April 08, 2006
When you spunk through the middle of a slinky onto your partner.
Guy 1: Yeah so uh I did a splinky last night it was epic.
Guy 2: That's fucken weird mate.
#slinky #spunk #cum #weird #sex
by Munkey nutts December 30, 2014
A marijuana-tobacco cigarette that uses a gentle 70:30 ratio of weed to tobacco to create the ultimate smoking pleasure.
I rolled a splinky last night and melted into my couch for an hour!
#spliff #joint #marijuana cigarette #blunt #dooby
by MasterDub April 18, 2011
a cigerette containing herbal substances eg. weed
fancy sharing a splinky?

this splinky is good shit!
by spaka January 13, 2004
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