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n: a square ball
n: a chinese father, who is very strict, and when poked, makes a strange high pitched sound
"raymond's a splink"
by caleb February 24, 2005
Incomprehensible road safety acronym from the 1970s. Apparently:

find a SAFE place to cross
Stand on the PAVEMENT
LOOK for traffic
IF traffic is coming, let it pass
When there is NO traffic near, walk across the road
KEEP looking and listening for traffic as you cross
"Shit, I forgot to SPLINK!"

"If he hadn't spent so much time SPLINKING he might not have got run over."

"Bring back Jimmy Saville."

"You SPLINK me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round."

"Sweet SPLINKs are made of these, who am I to disagree?"

"SPLINKmas time, Misseltoe and wine, children SPLINKING Christian ryhme, with logs on the fire and SPLINK on the tree..."

"Mary loves SPLINK."
Combination of silver and pink.
Yo checkout this new colour.. splink!
by Johnny James October 04, 2006
an inuendo thats not specifically used but covers all sexual actions.
I want to splink you sophie
I splinked sophie in the face
by Pete Townsend March 12, 2008
forever a mystery to those who dont already know
girl asks: Whats a splink?!
a Splink responds: hahahaa..nice try
by the connection April 28, 2003
To flick someone in the face for saying stupid things, also used in the form of a game, can be lots of fun
You can get rid of this by counting to 5 and you can get out of the game by paying each member of the game $1
1st Person (Very White): I smoked a joint in my hood
2nd Person: Splink
1st Person: 1-2-3-4-5
by Bill O'Reily March 01, 2004
Female ejaculation juices that are released when they are turned on.
Guy 1: Yeh man it was ace I was lickin her clit and she splinked all over me!
Guy 2: Not cool man.
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