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other forms: spelunking, spelunked, spelunks(v), spelunker (n)

1. v.;the exploration of natural caves
2. v.;the exploration of a man's anus by either: A. himself, B. a female sex partner., or C. male sex partner.
1. Bat researchers usually spelunk many caves to find their information.

2. while watching porn: "Eww, did you see her slip her finger into his butt? She's totally into spelunking."
by angel December 22, 2004
Exploration of bodily orifices.
James Spelunked Kenny.
Kenny likes being Spelunked by James.
by Birch September 28, 2004
1. Using your penis to explore a woman's vagina, or "cave."
2. To ejaculate.
1. "Did you spelunk Callie's cave last night?"
2. "Yessir. Spelunked on her chest, on her face, a little on me...I showed her my dripping stalactite alright."
by tripleovertime99 December 01, 2009
(By analogy to exploring caves/other dark places)
To engage in casual internet stalking, usually out of curiousity rather than for any sinister purpose.
After a bit of spelunking on message boards, I found out that girl I was flirting with on MSN was actually a 40 year old guy from Indianapolis!
by Cayenne August 01, 2005
the act of getting farted on while giving someone anal...doesnt apply to homos
sick u just spelunked!!
by Jesus12 March 28, 2008
To take a dump - the sound of your poo splashing into the toilet water.
Ohh I ate too many tacos. I have to go spelunk.
by Joe Shmoe Dudeton July 25, 2008
1)The act of fucking one in one of many positions 2)Hitting someone 3)Word to replaced many words.
"Dude, last night I spelunked Mac in the butt."
by A.R. McCumindabutt September 09, 2003
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