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1). to ejaculate on someone. 2). to totally humilate someone.
Jim just spleeped on Martha!
Great game! We spleeped all over those guys.
by sundayisover July 06, 2010
Noun describing a very short sleep.
*I fell aspleep during class today.
*Have a spleep before you start work.
*I like spleeping.
by Sara, Sangah, Zenobia. April 12, 2006
random outburst of undefined words or blabbering at the mouth.
"bluepibiggle!" spleeped johnny
by big DD March 08, 2008
random outburst of sound and words making no sense
did you seriously just "spleep" at me?! or no "spleeping" in the classroom
by skyler 786959403 July 28, 2008