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Someone who is incredibly skilled at a first person shooter.
TTL Cuteness is a straight-up mercbeast in Call of Duty. I wouldn't ever wanna run into that guy.
by sundayisover September 16, 2009
1). to ejaculate on someone. 2). to totally humilate someone.
Jim just spleeped on Martha!
Great game! We spleeped all over those guys.
by sundayisover July 06, 2010
Gaming terminology to describe a person who has become irritated or enraged enough by their opponent's gameplay (usually while suffering defeat) to start whining and/or trash talking.

This word should be used in rebuttal to anyone using the term 'tryhard' to insult you.
1. Can you believe how much those guys bitched about us camping? What a bunch of cryhards.

2. Johnny was being such a cryhard last night, he wouldn't stop whining about everyone using grenade launchers.
by sundayisover December 26, 2010
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