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Use of Funk to free minds and behinds from constipated notions; anti-spank
star child iz gonna splank yo ass silly
by bootsy collins April 16, 2003
(n) A messy ejaculation that did not go as intended and most often ended up in the wrong place.

(v) To ejaculate in a way that is not pleasant or sexy. To miss one's intended target.
(n) While I was jacking the beanstalk (masterbating), I got splank all through my hair.

(v) Oh my god, last night, George splanked in between my toes.
by Renobinamen November 10, 2010
The divider used to separate groceries at the supermarket. ie, a separation plank.
yo, pass me that splank dude
by bridimattio April 25, 2011
The somewhat self-defeating act of having a wank and a spliff at the same time.
Ed: Hey man, you coming for a drink?
Giles: Nah man, I'm off for a splank.
by Harvey C March 29, 2009
The act of taking a bloody shit. (usually very messy)
"Ben, you better shut up or I'll splank on your face."
by Kevin December 08, 2003
a penis being slammed
ooo the book splanked me!
by fat man tony November 28, 2005
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