A rather uncomfortable aeronautical maneuver. When in an airplane, if you fly too slow and the wing gets to the wrong angle in relation to the relative wind, you will stall. If the rudder is moved in the wrong way during that stall, the airplane will turn and go into a spin.

Part of a pilot's training is to learn how to get out of stalls and spins, as they can be deadly if not stopped.
Man, I'm gonna hurl. I did eight spins today and I'm really getting dizzy. Can we go do some other maneuver next time?
by Athene Airheart May 15, 2004
to trip out hardcore on L. past tense spun ;got spun
"man i'm gonna spin myself so hard at that show, your ass is gonna have to babysit me"
by eric October 22, 2003
To pass a beer between a group of people (could also be 2 people), Primarily a 40 ounce or a Sidewalk Slam (see Sidewalk Slam) but it could really be any beverage including non-alcoholic. The people enjoying this beverage usually sit in a circle, take a swill and pass the beer to the next person in the circle therefore making the beer "spin" in a circle. Taking more then one swill is considered bad etiquette and depending on who you are with doing so could get you in some trouble. This term is Primarily used by punks, squatters, travelers and I guess unfortunately dirty hippies.
Bill: all I got is 75 cents
John: same here...
Tim: well I got a buck
Bill: lets get a 40 and spin that shit!
John and Tim: fuck yeah!

Bill: hey man what did you do yesterday?
John: not much man, just sat at Tims house and spun some beers

John: yo Tim where you at?
Tim: Sittin in the woods with mad heads spinnin' some beers man.
by ajnjc May 17, 2010
An anacromyn for The Saint Petersburg Institute of Noise.
A small experimental music label in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Cataloged releases are referred to as s.p.i.n. jobs.
I heard a rumor that s.p.i.n. wasn't doing any more shows.

They just released s.p.i.n. job 5.

by Noni Halloweh July 23, 2008
Used at rap-offs when the DJ spins the record, therefore starting the raps.
Yo DJ, spin that shit!
by lilknockout298739 January 28, 2005
to twist or roll, as in a joint.
I'm going to spin a jib.
by Todd Weberlinski December 13, 2003
To Sit on a guy's dick and spin.
Man she likes to spin so much! She is such a spinner
by Lola January 01, 2004

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