go for a spin = go for a rideeeeeeee
i went for a spin in my honda civicus
by jing October 25, 2003
A person who throws a situation out of control. Usually avoided in social situations.
I'd go to the party but Phil the spin is there. More than likely we'll get the cops called on us, AGAIN.
by Csasba September 24, 2006
insult, short for "spin on this ..." (upturned finger), i.e. "go fuck yourself"
hey smart arse - just spin babe
by dilbert scrunchie June 18, 2003
the tobacco you add to a joint
"man i don't think there's enough weed"
"um just add some spin and you should be sweet"
by dilemma1 January 28, 2009
A situation out of control.
So the spin is, I'm stuck in the Army another 6 months because they lost my paper work.
by Csasba September 24, 2006
The act of adding tobacco to marijuana to make it burn better for smoking
"Do you have any spin?"
"I didn't add any spin to this jay sorry"
by some guy122234 April 02, 2009
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