A very attractive "petite" girl that you could "spin" on your penis
Whoa that chick's a total spin!
by Chino December 13, 2003
A term to define oncoming erect nipples showing through a womans shirt. See spin backwards is nips. :)~
Hey Jeff, look at the spin coming on that chick. (.)(.)
by Vabber January 22, 2004
not allowed in Bill O'Reilly'z zone
"the spin stops here -fair and balanced"
by Toolbox November 10, 2003
the art of scratching, mixing. referring to music.
Yo! Check that DJ spin!
by ¡DŃ™! October 26, 2003
Nice clothes

when your wearing real nice clothes
"i just saw that dude Rahmel rockin some nice spins"

"my bother is always spinin' "
by Omari Matthew January 02, 2008

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