to turn in a motion to either side until the exertion of vomit, of until satrisfied.
After spinning around, i felt like a bum after a pack of coronas!
by the middle class white person October 22, 2003
Pretentious, obnoxious music magazine placed on the Earth to suck up to the Strokes. Also called "St.Anger" one of the years best, so there ya go.
Spin Magazine: For the man/woman with no musical taste
by Dagon January 31, 2005
A dance, usu. in a disco where one turns his or her body round at high speed. Harder than it looks, but possible with practice and wearing smooth soled shoes on a wooden dance floor.

If you stumble or go off balance you tumble off at an angle bumping into other dancers = uber + uncool

If you can rotate smoothly three times, and come to a graceful stop at the same spot = cool + sometimes pull
John could not spin and can only freak at the disco, whereas Jerry could spin and pull lots of chicks.
by Kerb November 29, 2004
Spin-means grade A B-boy,and universal skills
spin represents pose breakers 94,95,96.
by spin October 16, 2003
it's + been = spin
Torrin: Spin a while.
Doffney: Indeed spin a while.
by hookerslayer21 April 16, 2009
A very attractive "petite" girl that you could "spin" on your penis
Whoa that chick's a total spin!
by Chino December 13, 2003
A music magazine, "Spin."
Someone's take on a subject.
A ride, to go somewhere.
"I got the new issue of Spin today."
"I got a different spin on that..."
"Take me for a spin!"
by commonwealth1325 October 23, 2003

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