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Stereotypical name for a Korean dog. Pretty much the Korean version of "Spot", or "Rover".
Sung-bin's dog's name is Happy. No, he's not gonna eat him, you racist fuck.
by wcgold May 14, 2005
1. Very tasty cereal that tastes kind of like apples.

2. A drink that consists of Jack Daniel's and apple juice
1. I had Apple Jacks for breakfast.

2. I went to the bar for an Apple Jacks
by wcgold December 26, 2004
How most North Americans spell nunchakus.
White guy: Nunchucks are the sweetest weapon ever!

Japanese guy: Although that's true, try correctly spelling it next time, jackass.
by wcgold January 08, 2005
Derogative term for Native Americans.
White guy: You're a squa!
Native American guy: (throws spear at white guy while chanting)
by wcgold March 19, 2005
1. Vaguely known character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Game appearances: Knuckles Chaotix (Sega 32X), Sonic Championship/Sonic the Fighters (Arcade), Sonic Heroes (Nintendo Gamecube/Sony Playstation 2/Microsoft XBox).

2. One of Pentax's camera models.
1. Espio is a ninja chameleon detective.

2. I took these photos with my Pentax Espio.
by wcgold April 16, 2005
A type of firework that makes a high-pitched screeching noise when lit.
The stuff that makes it screech is called whistle powder.
by wcgold May 21, 2005
A brand of shoe, but can also be used in reference to shoes that are made of yellowish leather.
(Lugz brand name):
Guy: Hey, I got the new Birdman Lugz

(Lugz used in reference):
Guy: That guy is wearing Lugz.
by wcgold January 13, 2005

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