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stands for: Floating Turd In Throat

can be the result of eating too many spinners.... usually a result of RBYOA (Rejection by your own ass) Syndrome.

How do you know if you are a victim of FTIT?
- Abdnormal lumps in the left side of the throat- usually preceded by jaundice
-Interesting shitty like after-taste directly following the consumption of anything that contains splenda.
-The effects can be subdued by chugging life water, best results if you drool on yourself or splash some in your left cornea.
WARNNNNIIIINNNGGGG: If you believe that you are a victim of FTIT DO NOT CONSUME A SPINNER- Secondary Side-effect: Death. If you need help coping with the inability to cleanse your colon with a spinner everyday please call 1-888-BennyLava.
While working on the double helix Rosalind Franklin (aka the original gay man) consumed one too many a spinner- she became the original FTIT victim- she then won the world in your pocket award priority sealed by the president and became the spokesperson for the National FTIT society slogan: "DISCO EVERYONE!"

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