When you plan to shoot your cum on a chick and instead it goes on the bed, floor, sink, etc.
Guy:I'm sorry about the spilt mily baby.
Girl: Damnit i wanted it in my mouth!
by Lonestar May 26, 2004
A woman who is aging badly. Her body is turning droopy and wrinkled. Her body is starting to curdle, making cottage cheese out of her ass.

Badly aging Female

Complete opposite of a cougar / milf

Also, known as spilt
Pete : "Bitch, your spilt milk!" "Your ass is so curdled, I could serve it up ass cottage cheese."

Random Skank: "Your an asshole!"

Karl : "Dude, what the fuck is your deal?"

Pete : "Dude, I'm saving you from this spilt milk ass bitch." "Now you won't have to give her the fishboot later!"
by Cheese4green September 20, 2011
When you jizz your shorts unexpectedly.
Dude, that chick was so hot, I spilt milk just looking at her melons
by libationlibrarian August 26, 2004
originated in the 1930s. another way of saying "i ejaculated" or "gizzed."
boy: i spilt milk on your daughter
mother: did you clean it up?
boy: she did with her tongue.
mother: ...ok then.
boy: she loved it.
by chris May 29, 2004
The name for cum on a girls face.The white man lotion on her looks like spilt milk.
"This chick was givin me a blow job and it looked like spilt milk when i came on her face"
by Kaz Moses May 26, 2004
what u should cry over.
nothing else is worth crying about
by urmomshott August 21, 2004
Some unimportant problem, as in the pharse "don't cry over split milk".
It's just split milk.
by Hysterical Woman May 31, 2004

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