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1) This is the act of having sex with a girl (skank) and your junk slips out and slids in the ass. The only thing is you don't realize it and she has to tell you.

2) baning a chick and having you cock go into her ass, but her ass is so gapping that you don't even know you slipped up.
Karl: "I was going to town on her and all of a sudden the Saginaw Slip up!" "I stopped there."

Jimmy: "HUH, Saginaw what up?"

Karl: "Dude, she had to tell me my dick was in the wrong hole."

Jimmy: "Oh, the Saginaw Slip Up, I've done that to your mom."
by cheese4green September 22, 2011
1) A person who is aroused by ones body cheeses.

2) A person who eats fromunda cheese / ear cheese / boob cheese/ butt cheese

3) Booty sweat / Ass Juice

4) Residence of Wisconsin

5) An act you can pay a hooker to do for a price
Mayor of Munchy: "Hey McFly, I got this girl in Green Bay to do something nasty!"

McFly: " What? When you went deer hunting in the U.P. for a week?"

Mayor of Munchy: "Ya Dude, our last day there, I meet a cheese-muncher!"

McFly: "Huh?"

Mayor of Munchy: "She ate my fromunda cheese. It was so gross!"
by Cheese4green September 23, 2011
1) woman who are fucking nuts!

2) an attractive woman who happens to be nuts / crazy
Karl: "Man, that bitch is super hot, I'm going for it"

DR. Fishstick: "Karl, not only is she squirrel bait, she is spilt milk." "You need to quit drinking!"

Karl: "Squirrel bait?"

Dr. Fishstick: "Ya, Dude she's fucking nuts!"
by cheese4green September 20, 2011
1) Where you are having sex with a whore and you smell something real fishy and have to give her the boot and tell her to leave.
Jim: Dude, I had to fishboot your sister!

Kevin: HUH?

Jim: Her pussy stunk so fishy, I had to boot her ass out!
by cheese4green July 21, 2011
A woman who is aging badly. Her body is turning droopy and wrinkled. Her body is starting to curdle, making cottage cheese out of her ass.

Badly aging Female

Complete opposite of a cougar / milf

Also, known as spilt
Pete : "Bitch, your spilt milk!" "Your ass is so curdled, I could serve it up ass cottage cheese."

Random Skank: "Your an asshole!"

Karl : "Dude, what the fuck is your deal?"

Pete : "Dude, I'm saving you from this spilt milk ass bitch." "Now you won't have to give her the fishboot later!"
by Cheese4green September 20, 2011
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