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Red wine is a type of alcohol which may result in people calling you "gay" or "old" for drinking it, but these are the same people who prefer to drink alcohol - such as vodka, lager or absinthe - simply for the purpose of getting drunk.
Red wine goes well with a nice pasta, and it is good for you
(in moderation of course)
red wine and penne amatriciana - my idea of a great meal
by Shinobi-ka May 20, 2005
a wine with alcohol in it that resembles the color red
i be gettin fucked up on da red wine
by bozo nebraska September 13, 2011
A dangerous pillow-sniffer who enjoys sneaking into peoples houses at night. Mercilessly snatches their pillows as they sleep. Is known to randomly leave behind trails of dead bunnies.
Mommys use redwine to terrorize their kids into sleep at night. "Go to sleep now sweetie, I think I hear redwine on her way..."
by Avythus December 05, 2011
When someone has an alcohol like effect over the human body. Making the mind make rash decisions and cause degeneration to major vital organs
Have you seen that girl, Kat, she is so red wine
by Atom Charles October 29, 2010
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