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1. When a woman spills all over; it means that she is/was VERY sexually pleased that she came so hard and so much that it just spilt out, gushing all over. In other words, you just gave her a six lip smile.
I Love when we are intimate and she spills all over me; it drives me nuts!
by IrishDaddy2U April 12, 2010
n. a drink, could be soda, water, beer, etc.
Mole Chris: Hey, what size spill would you want?
Grace: I'll take a small.
by Gracie Bean June 22, 2007
(v) to ejaculate, primarily for females
"Yo that loose bitch I fucked last night... she spilled all over my sheets."
by TomiDat October 26, 2006
1) To take a bad fall while attempting a great feat.

2) To drop a messy item and soil something
1) Dude-man, I totally spilled while attempting the 900.

2) My mom is going to get mad at me for spilling this wine on her nice white carpet
by kurba September 25, 2003
when big companies deface the environment.
Whoa, this could potentially be quite a spill.
by vox88 May 11, 2010
To Emote Ones Falling
He Took A Nasty Ass Spill
by Nate September 27, 2003
game in norwegian
la oss spille et spill
( lets play a game )
by Monkey_ass September 26, 2003