A shortened version of the 1950's style word Spiffy.
Dude your car is Spiff to the Max
by Urban Librarian August 21, 2007
A smoke filter made of a toilet paper roll and fabric softner stuffed at 1 half with ducktape to hold it from coming out (but do no block off airway through). Blow through the not stuffed end and out the other end will be the smell of fabric softner. A spiff is typically used for smoking herb in ur house without the parents finding out. : ]
Yo, pass me that spiff man, I dont want my parents to smell this shit.
by Amanda Lu May 12, 2007
That's spiff, fork you.
by bread infection November 22, 2009
Really good, cool, or admirable. Shorter form of spiffing
That movie is damn spiff!
by Julia November 15, 2003
A total idiot. sombody who has wound you up, for doing nothing but being stupid.
I just got off the phone with a total spiff!
by shoomust February 10, 2009
an altercation, usually trivial and between two women.
Jackie and Kristy had a spiff about the stupidest thing the other day.
by Spiffmaster July 15, 2008
The Best. Bright and Shinny, new. Niikii.cool.
Niikii is the spiffest person EVER!

I got the spiffest electric guitar ever made!
by Eriin May 24, 2007

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