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The Best. Bright and Shinny, new. Niikii.cool.
Niikii is the spiffest person EVER!

I got the spiffest electric guitar ever made!
by Eriin May 24, 2007
1 5
1. attractiveness in appearance or dress or manner.
2. A synonym for spoof, used commonly in New York.
1. "he gets by largely on pure spiff"
2. "The spiff of the movie is as funny as the movie."
by jasonguy11 September 26, 2010
0 5
A person who thinks they are cool or funny. Someone who laughs at their own jokes, and think people listen to what they are saying. They also are teacher's pets and THINK they are smart.
The spiff does not know that no one is listening; She is such a spiff, why doesn't she admit that she is wrong.
by Dr.Skidadles November 23, 2009
1 6
1. Half a man's boner. Or, a half man's boner. Or, half a stock. Or, a partially softy.

2. A spliff that has mostly tobacco. Derivative of Spliff.
1. "I wish I'd stop popping spiffs in class."

2. Person 1: "Hey, sorry man, I only have enough pot for a spiff."
Person 2: "That's okay, I have to go to work, I don't want to get too high anyway."
by Ramblin' Rose September 08, 2006
12 17
To shoot spunk over someones face.
Man 1. Steve is well a bit gay.
Man 2. Yeah, he loves to be spiffed over
by Steve Cee. July 22, 2006
27 32
the root of such words as spiffy and spiiferific (although the latter is a compound word including terrific). Used mainly as an expletive in much the same was as fuck although can be used as a remark of amazement, shock or suprise.
Boss: "You are going to have to work overtime."
Worker: "Spiff!"

Grocery Clerk: "You just won the sweepstakes."
Shopper: "Spiff!"
by Anonymous November 07, 2002
6 11
LIkes to fart when she wakes up everymorning, just to see how her sleep was. She likes to pick her nose, and she has BEAUTIFUL feet, i must say

all around she makes the world a happier place
love you BBFL <3
Spiff "ouch" ( fell off the fence, and ripped her pants)
ME "bahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahah"
Spiff " suck a big one."
by Mega faith July 11, 2010
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