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It's a spife. Spoon and knife combined.
CIA Agent: The victim appears to have been spifed several times in the neck.
by Jonathan December 11, 2003
Half way between a spoon and a knife. Its different to a spork
I love my new Spife, let me cut and eat this!
by Adman101 December 12, 2007
Sweat Patches in Full-Effect. A person who has wet spots on his shirt usually under the arms from sweating.
I went on date last night with this really hot chick and got so nervous that I coudn't contain my spife.
by toast455 June 28, 2005
A combonation of a spoon and a knife. Kinda like a Spork but different. Invented by the teletubies so that they can take over the white house someday.
Cut that out or I'll Spife you!
Spifes are hand to eat with. (They're not...)
by DS inc. January 29, 2011
A combination spoon and knife. A utensil used frequently to cut a slice of ice cream cake and transfer the cake into your mouth. One side is round and smooth, like a spoon, the other serrated, and sharp, like a knife.
" Sorry to interrupt, Sally, but where do you keep your spifes?" "On the spife rack, behind you on the wall, Joan."
by taxione May 04, 2012
Another meaning for cool or awesome that sounds better then cosome cawesome or aool.
When you say it it MUST be accompanied by the sign of the devil.
That's so spife!
by Manibumble January 31, 2009
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