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A very cool and sexay person who is half Spanish, half German.
"Sperman PRIDE yo!"

"I'm Sperman. Get your mind out of the gutter! It means half Spanish, half German."
by Albaa x3 May 24, 2006
29 14
One of the many potential outcome languages resulting from taking multiple foreign language classes simultaneously.
I forgot whether I was in my Spanish 1 class or my German 1 class, so I ended up translating "Where is the dog?" to "¿Dónde está der Hund". I'd be getting an A in Sperman right now.
by RequiemCube July 16, 2010
13 5
Sperm and semen but together.
I was trying to say sperm and semen at the same time and i just got "spermen"
by Warzak July 24, 2009
3 1
noun-the language spoken in Germany when one is "gigging" (bootycall)
dude, last night u wouldnt shut up, u kept talkin sperman to that dumb bitch Kelly.
by leonseagullcow April 11, 2010
6 12
A cross between the words sperm and seman. Kinda like the word smog.
"Ouch my balls hurt! I need to unleash my sperman!"
by El Spicy Taco August 21, 2008
8 19