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Term used by gay men still officially "in the closet" to proposition others without directly asking for sex. An outright calling for sex, akin to bathroom feet touching in the Larry Craig incident.
Hey smoggie mcsmoggerstein!!
oh, never mind
by weui2347r9 May 05, 2008
Visible air pollution often seen hovering around big cities (Los Angeles). The word 'smog' comes from the combination of the words 'smoke' and 'fog'.
There were times when a face mask was required to walk safely around Toronto because of SARS; Los Angeles is still like that because of SMOG.
by Diggity Monkeez February 13, 2005
Acronym for "Secretly Men Obey Girls"
Example #1:

Person #1: "Can't make it today, my girl's keeping me busy all day!"
Person #2: "Sounds like SMOG is actually a thing."

Example #2:

On Twitter: "Soon it's Valentine's Day again - Men, get yourselves together for our women! #SMOG"

Example #3:

"While giving your GF a present is sweet from time to time, doing it constantly reeks of SMOG."

Example #4:

Person #1: "What's popping, bro?"
Person #2: "Not too much, just finished doing my Girlfriends homework."
Person #1: "Again? Isn't she doing that all the time with you?"
Person #2: "Yes, but I just can't say no to her! After all, she threatened me with less sex if I don't do it..."
Person #1: "She's using you, break up with her! The SMOG took over your thoughts!"
by Skelpolu February 09, 2015
Short for Sweet Mother Of God
1: You dropped coffee on my fuckin cashmere pants?!
2: Im so so sorry!!
3: (laughing) SMOg
by ylvis1 February 02, 2014
Single Mother of Gibsons. Usually found pushing a baby stroller alone or with another SMOG at the mall.
"Look out, here comes a pack of SMOG's"
by derd123 August 21, 2007
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