The act of engaging in anal sex.
I went spelunking with this chick and it was soo tight!
by the_great_cave_diver October 03, 2008
A common form of drug use, popular among high school and college students. The experience begins with intense and continuous laughter, followed by loss of awareness, and finally delusions.
See drugs, hyphy
Boy: Man I am so spelunking right now.
Girl: You think you're spelunking, I am the one who is spelunking.
by ILikeFeet March 01, 2007
When a man and a woman love each other very much, and can't decide between regular and anal sex they decide to compromise. This involves putting (carefully) the balls in her ass, and dick in her twat. This is best accomplished while in the "Pouting Frog" position. When finished, the easiest way to remove balls from ass, is using "Asian Dismount".
"Dude i was with this girl last night, and she wanted me to go Spelunking. The Pouting Frog was ok, but i think i crippled myself with the Asian Dismount"
by Mike/Nick/Alberta Dan November 20, 2006
The act of spelunking is mysterious. Many define it as such: a man does a little booty diving followed by immediate removal of the penis and placement back into the girls (now warm) poon.
Luke called Allison on Friday, enticing her with the promise of a hot night of spelunking.
by onecrazymofucka February 28, 2006
To pick one's nose.
Barry "I just caught Johnny spelunking, man, he was knuckle deep."
by Neo June 15, 2003
To engadge in anal sex with another person.
Nick went spelunking with Jen before he nailed her.
by Da Beave September 03, 2005
A few guys hanging out or attending a social event with a substantially larger amount of girls. The opposite of a sausage fest
Did you see Aidan at the dance?
Yeah he was hard core spelunking, the lucky guy!
by Admiral ACHGbar November 03, 2015

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