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one who builds cocks. Positive if you are a girl, negative if you are a guy. Building cock is making it grow.
Used positively: Did you see that little blond with the glasses that just walked in? She'ssuch a cock builder!

Used negatively: I hate when all you do is sit there like a fucking cock builder.
by Crunchyness May 05, 2007
One who harvests pubes when they are in season.

Someone who is all up in your ear, making themselves look stupid.

Aka Farmer of the Pubes
see also Pube Agriculturalist
Man, your roomate is being such a pube farmer.

No, you take out the trash, stupid pube farmer.
by Crunchyness April 15, 2007
rape of oneself
rape + masturbation
I totally got drunk last night and had a sad session of rapesturbation...I was crying the whole time
by Crunchyness March 14, 2008
a combination of high class and white trash.

This kinda shit is High Trash:
Drinking Cristal in the parking lot of a strip club, out of plastic cups.

Plasma TV with no cable or movie player, with a shitty ass couch in front of it.

Puking up MGD Light all over the inside of your brand new Mercedes
by Crunchyness June 06, 2007
Happens when you are opening a container with a flimsy lid, i.e. yogurt, ranch, fry sauce, and the damn thing skeets all over you.
AKA the yogasm, squirgasm, and skeeting of the lid
Guy 1: What's that on your shirt?
Guy 2: Dude, my fucking yogurt skeeted all over me when I was opening it.
Guy 1: You got hit by a fucking lidgasm.
by Crunchyness September 19, 2007
another surreptitious term for ganja, or herb.
must be used as a person, but in code for smoking.
Can be used as just "Bob"
Guy1: Hey, you know where I can find Bob Green?
Guy2: Yeah, he's been hangin out at my place for a while.
Guy1: Well lets hang out with him.
Guy2: Sounds good, I love bob.

by Crunchyness May 15, 2007
the rampage of a woman with cramps
Guy 1: Did you see that? Your girl just hockey checked that chick, and then smashed through a wall. Dude, she was screaming like a bull and her veins were almost popping off all over.

Guy 2: Yeah, she's got pms, and she's on one of her crampages again
by Crunchyness February 01, 2008

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