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4 definitions by fx

someone in her own category
She's such an "agent zoey", unlike those douchebags who are a bunch of wannabes driving around in them golf carts all day.
by FX December 01, 2004
Someone who is prone to sticking his penis in other peoples caves.
damn that rush is a spelunker
by fx August 12, 2004
A paper copy of a file (usually text)printed out from a computer.
I want a hard copy of that report.
by fx October 27, 2003
It all started when americans (US) invaded Mexico, and they were wearing their green uniforms (militar). So Mexican didn't like them and used to say "green - go" in a polite way to ask them to leave ;)
if he speaks english, he's a gringo
by FX February 28, 2005