Having sexual intercourse with a girl who has a very wide and stretched out vagina. The vagina is very cave-like due to its constant past use. If you are considered to be spelunking, then the girl is a whore, and you will most likely contract a sexually transmitted disease.
I only had to pay five dollars to go spelunking in your mom
by pcdkchar November 22, 2010
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The origin of all the other definitions for spelunking

noun: The act of exploring a cave
1. One popular activity to do out in the wilderness is go spelunking
by Anonymous April 25, 2004
the act of exploring for the missing condom after deep penetration
The next morning, "Oh yeah, we never found it. Better get out the head lamp so we can go spelunking."
by Miss Millie March 01, 2004
1. (v) To explore virgin caverns, and or orafices. Best practiced with a helmet and possibly a light. (Unless it's scary looking, then forgo the light, but be sure to use the helmet!)
Timmy, my next-door neighbor and play-time doctor is multi talented--an accoplished physician and an experienced spelunker.
by JamiSpoon May 23, 2003
If you ask people who actually go caving, spelunking is the derogatory term for stupid or unprepared cave trips. Origin: "spelunk" is the sound a clumsy caver makes when he slips and falls in a cave and lands in water.
If you don't take a helmet, more than one source of light, and a few friends into the cave with you, then you're not caving. You're spelunking.
by Sundog May 30, 2007
A few guys hanging out or attending a social event with a substantially larger amount of girls. The opposite of a sausage fest
Did you see Aidan at the dance?
Yeah he was hard core spelunking, the lucky guy!
by Admiral ACHGbar November 03, 2015
The act of engaging in sexual relations with a woman who has a large, dark and cavernous vagina. This act of extreme desperation and bravery is usually reserved for men who have gone more than three weeks without getting laid, and who are willing to submerge themselves (without safety equipment and/or flashlights) without preparation into a vagina in which many enter and few return.

"Koumi was one of the ballsiest spelunkers I have ever seen: he used to fuck XXXXXX without a condom or a GPS system"

"Guys, we lost one of our own today. I just got word that Andrew Tha Owner" died on a spelunking trip yesterday. He was in Wunsch's Cave when he sprained his ankle, and was unable to escape. He eventually ran out of air, and died."
by Bwahaha2010 May 10, 2010
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