i small swim suit that are like briefs but is water proof. people were these on the swim team and in water polo.
i love to wear a speedo
by asdf123456789 September 23, 2010
Swimwear that is like briefs. It's often worn if you are on a swim team. It shows your package so if you have a baby pee pee many people will notice it.
It is bad enough that Bill is made fun of for his one inch hairless dick at 15 years old in the showers. However, the hottest girls in the school have been coming to swim meets and looking at the guys bodies. Unfortunately, one of them is a girl in which Bill has a crush on and is emberassed that his one inch hairless package gives him no bulge and everybody laughs at his baby dick in his speedo.
by Jr23115 October 08, 2013
REaly tight pants made out of spandex/rubber which the 'professional' swimmers wear. YOung boys especially. Some, like honeypot wear them so high that if he had any pubes they'd be coming out. Some, like someone who does not wish to be named wears them so low you're scared they'll fall off.
'jesus, check mikes speedos.. they look like they're about to fall of...OH JESUS!!WEENER!!'
by Colette April 11, 2004
Too short shorts. Such as the type ballers wore in the 60's and 70's. Sadly many men still wear too short shorts today. See Wal-Mart,K-Mart or Piggly-Wiggly for examples.
"Bro, did you see the dude playin ball in those speedos. I'se 'fraid he'de hang a nut"
by CBad Da Shredder December 07, 2011
A speedo is a bicyclist who wears bicycle outfits. Especially in stripes, large checks, and dayglow, plus racing colors w logos, rear-view sunglasses, pseudo-military style. Add clips plus attitude. Top it off with V-pattern drafting around baby carriages and your lane. Plus chosen words directed at you.
Would chicken work to get that speedo out of my lane? No. Let Darwin work his magic on the speedo without your direct participation.
by BudLite April 30, 2010
Slang for any jock, especially on the swim team, for various reasons.
"Let's piss off the speedos and put jello in the pool."
by Maddawg February 19, 2005
mans bathing suit where his cockhead sticks out
its easy to see whos got a thick cut cock when men are wearing speedos
by 8 inches January 18, 2004

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