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People in the anti-Tea Bag movement. Specifically people who are pushing for blanket immigration amnesty and who cry out "racist" against anybody who opposes open borders.

Also includes Obama people who openly insult normal everyday Americans and accuse them of being racist because they disagree with Obama.
That Teabagee really puts out for Obama. When he's not busy teabagging for the rest of the anti-American crowd. What a teabagging shill. Thinks he's an activist.
by BudLite May 01, 2010
A speedo is a bicyclist who wears bicycle outfits. Especially in stripes, large checks, and dayglow, plus racing colors w logos, rear-view sunglasses, pseudo-military style. Add clips plus attitude. Top it off with V-pattern drafting around baby carriages and your lane. Plus chosen words directed at you.
Would chicken work to get that speedo out of my lane? No. Let Darwin work his magic on the speedo without your direct participation.
by BudLite April 30, 2010
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