A swimsuit that resembles the male briefs underwear. Often worn by athletes or guys who are swimming for exercise, but sometimes worn by old fat hairy men who don't know that they should be covering up. Named after the company "Speedo" that first started making them mainstream swimwear.
Advantages: provides support for your testicles and keeps your penis in a more comfortable position while you swim. Allows you to use your legs better when you swim, and doesn't fill up with air like normal trunks.
Disadvantages: shows off your whole body and only covers your privates, which makes it very disgusting to see old fat hairy men wearing them. Also shows off the general size of your private parts, which can be embarrassing if you have a very small package, because everyone would see your small bulge. A speedo without a decent layer of lining in the front will also make it very obvious if a guy's penis is circumcised.
Yesterday, I went to the beach and there was a fat old hairy man wearing a speedo, so even his own family was embarrassed of him.

For my high school swim team, we all wear speedoes, so girls came to watch our swim meets to check out the bodies and the packages. But that makes Johnny embarrassed, because his package is small and has basically no bulge in his speedo.
by imdoingstuffrightnow July 27, 2005
a type of men's bathing suit that resembles the shape of women's underwear. not exeptable to be worn anywhere except Europe, and not to be worn anywhere at all if you are overweight.
"hahaha, did you see that fat ass in a speedo?! man that was nasty."
by Kennedi Greene August 22, 2007
What you DON'T want to see on men, fat women, and old women.
I can't even go to the gym anymore without seeing a bunch of Fatzillas wearing tight Speedos.
by AYB March 10, 2003
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